The Way, Across Canada, Highway One

Good Morning

He got the job in BC.  So we gave, sold, and threw out all of our stuff.  Packed up the car, tight as fuck, and headed West.  These are my favourite views from Ontario.  Only Northern Ontario.

Just Waiting for the Sun

On Lake Huron we stopped to catch the sunset.  Definitely worth it.  One hour later we were snuggled up in a fisherman’s hotel.  Clean, oddly comfortable, and welcomed pets.  Soaking in the tub, definitely not all that bad after 10 hours of driving North away from it all.

Red Sky at Night..

But we kept on.

The next morning was oddly chilling.  Snow covered the rocky hills and roads.  I love the early frost, only the super motivated see it- and thats me only a few times a year.  So glad I had the camera.

Water Plane Airport Just before season opening..

Water Airport.. Season Opening



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